Thursday, March 31, 2011

She's Perfect

Yesterday, Chyenne had her 3-year well check up.

She woke up and announced, "I am ready to go to the doctor today...but I am NOT getting a shot".
I calmly explained that she would probably have to get one shot to keep her from getting sick with germ bugs (this kid hates bugs, so saying germs instead of 'germ bugs' doesn't have the same effect! lol).
She said, "well I am not getting a shot because I am not sick. Now I only have a belly ache...but belly aches don't need shots to make me feel better!"

My poor sweet girl was nervous about getting a shot and apparently had butterflies in her tummy.
She helps me pick out her outfit for the day.
We left the house with plenty of time to grab lunch at her favorite fast food restaurant.
We sat in parking lot of the hospital and ate our lunch.

Cohen enjoyed touching everything in the driver's seat.
Chyenne is now 35 lbs even and 37 inches tall. She is still in the 75th percentile for weight and the 50th percentile for height (those have been her stats for her whole life! Perfect growth curve). They also calculated her BMI to be 90%. 
 She had to get a finger prick. She was anxious but took it like a soon as the nurse left, she kept saying "owww!" lol.

"She's Perfect!" were the words we heard from Chyenne's pediatrician.
Developmentally, she is well above her age.

Hard to believe it's been 3 years.
Turns out, Chyenne did have to get a shot. She panicked. She begged the doctor to not give her one. Poor girl. She screamed and cried and demanded Barbie stickers. Her screaming left Cohen in tears too. Oh joy. (this is obviously where the pictures end).
Chyenne and Cohen both left the doctor's office with dried tears, stickers, lollipops, coupons for a free ice cream, and a new book.


  1. Chyenne is so darn cute! I love the last pic so much. I can't ever get good natural smiling pics of my girls anymore. If they see the camera out they throw on that cheesy fake smile :(

  2. I love her outfit for the day! She looks sooo grown up even just since the last pictures you posted. And can I just say NOW..with one year advance..that I am NOT looking forward to the four year visit and it's 4 ( FOUR! ) shots? lol...

  3. Thanks!
    Oh Erin, don't let this post fool you. I usually have to tickle her to trick her into smiling for the camera... she'll say "cheese" and her eyes will be focused elsewhere. LOL.
    I am NOT excited about the 4 year check up, Missy! LOL