Monday, April 4, 2011

A Weekend in GA

Oh how I wish weekends were for rest. Sadly, they're not. Our weekends are always jam-packed with numerous exhausting activities. The smiles and giggles we experience are well-worth the exhaustion. :)

Our weekend started off COLD. On Friday, the kiddos were wearing hoodies and pants! Sheesh.
Here's a cute little video of my sweet Cohen.
Hubby had to work late, so the kiddos and I pigged out in front of the tv for a movie night. Cohen wasn't feeling well, so that was a perfect way to spend our evening. Saturday was windy but nice out. Too bad we had to spend it at a huge family reunion with Colt's side of the family. Can you tell how much I loved that?! At least the kiddos had a decent time. It was so large, we had to wear name tags and people asked "who are you a descendant of?" REALLY?! I hope I don't have to endure one of those for several years to come. Also, Cohen was feeling all better. The evening was much more appealing to me...a cookout with our redneck neighbors, beating Colt at corn toss, drinking a couple of wine coolers and finally a late-night trip to the gym. Ahhh! Refreshing.

Yesterday, the end of our weekend, we tried out a new church. YAY! I think we finally found a church home. It's only a Christian church and while we are Methodist, we feel that it is more important to be comfortable in a church and to have our children learn contemporary gospel songs than be forced to read from our hymns established centuries ago and feel suffocated with 'duties' and such at our other church. We sure are going to miss our old pastor but I know he'll understand. We fit in a lot better at our new church and everyone welcomed us with open arms. Best part? Neither Chyenne or Cohen cried when we left them in the "nursery". Afterall, we can always teach Chyenne and Cohen the specifics of our Methodist religion in the comfort of our own home. To top the day off, we had gorgeous weather. 85 degrees out and a perfect breeze. Too much pollen for my liking but Chyenne wanted to swim. The pool water was only 67 degrees, but she didn't care. She jumped right in. Cohen, Anzley, and Azlynn were a little more hesitant. :)
We drew the day to a close with a late nap and an even later dinner. We then finished our glorious weekend snuggled in bed for a few bedtime stories. (About pigs of course!)
GA Weather?! 40 degrees difference in just 3 days left all of us with a runny nose. Let the week of fun begin!

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