Friday, September 28, 2012

fun facts Friday: 25 things about me

While browsing other blogs today, I noticed that I never talk about myself. Here goes!

1. I hate surprises. I don't generally filter thoughts and my expressions are usually direct results of emotions. My husband loves to surprise me. I have often disappointed him with my reactions...I'm just a planner I guess.
2. I am terrified of failure.
3. I don't care for TV.
4. I detest being late.
5. I hate crowds. I get anxious in crowds.
6. Repetitive sounds annoy me greatly.
7. I am the youngest of three girls & I am most definitely the most independent.
8. earthquakes terrify me.
9. I'm outspoken but hate confrontation.
10. I love sports & I have a very competitive nature.
11. I love family game nights.
12. I believe the worst thing someone can be is a bad parent.
13. I dislike public speaking whether it be a speech, reading aloud, praying etc. I stumble over my words.
14. I don't like talking on the phone. I'm a texter, for sure.
15. I constantly correct spoken grammar.
16. I love watching children interact.
17. I love to read. I actually read shampoo bottles every time I wash my hair.
18. I'm a counter. When running or something, I count my steps.
19. I adore fall.
20. My favorite colors are grey, blue, and green.
21. I love dates, even if it's a simple movie and popcorn st home.
22. I believe that everything happens for a reason.
23. I second guess myself, a lot.
24, I hate shopping unless it's for my kids.
25. I am generally optimistic about others but pessimistic about myself.

Whew! Now you know a little more about me.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Better Late than Never ;)

My boy. I still can't believe he's three! I really can't believe he's been three for a whole month! EEK!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hard to Settle

We're finding it difficult to settle in to our new routine lately. LIFE keeps getting in the way. We have had a lot going on with family lately. Whew, other people stress me out. THEN, Cohen got sick. Poor buddy got hit by some crazy virus that Chyenne probably brought home from school. He's finally on the mend. Daddy got sick just a day later and his sickness is still lingering. I was sick (sick as a DOG) Friday. Oh I never want to be that sick again. I spent all day yesterday (OUR FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY) trying to build up strength and watching movies with the kids. Luckily I am feeling better. Now to get the house back in order. It sure is tough to settle in to a new routine.
We've been quite busy. I'm coaching two soccer teams, Chyenne's and Cohen's. Chyenne is still a drama queen but she's a good little player when she pays attention. Cohen? He's FANTASTIC. He is going to be my little star. Everyone comments on how great he is. This is his first season playing. His first game is tomorrow. Having soccer every night makes it a little exhausting for Chyenne with school. It's always a rush to make sure she's in bed at a decent time.
Little Miss Priss is still nervous about school. She counts down the days until her favorite day of the week, Friday. Every Friday morning since school has been in session, she has commented how excited she is to come home from school and spend TWO AND A HALF days with mommy {daddy and brother too}. She doesn't like the whole Monday-Friday commitment to school. I can't really blame her. I long for the entirely too short weekend too. Just last night, Chyenne and I were cuddling before bed and she whispered some of the sweetest, saddest words to me. "Mommy, why do I have to grow up? I just want to be little again. Little like a toddler so I can do things and have fun, but I can stay home with you and do homeschool. I just want to spend every day with you. I don't like getting bigger. I want to be little forever. I want to stay little so I can fit in your arms forever. I want to be your little baby always. I don't want to go to school and miss you. I just want to be little. Why do I have to keep growing? I will quit eating healthy foods so I won't grow! Just hold me forever!" Oh honey. Me too. I want to hold you forever too. I don't want you to grow up quite so fast. I don't want you to spend time away from me (even though it's good for the both of us).
She is quite good at ripping my heart out. Bless her.
Little man ADORES the extra time with mommy. He soaks it all in. He's always excited to see his sister when she returns from school, but he thoroughly enjoys the alone time. I thoroughly enjoy it too. It's so nice to have him to myself and to give him the attention he deserves. He's such a good boy. I may lose it when HE has to go to BIG SCHOOL. I don't even want to think about it. My little tough man who doesn't cry when he gets a black eye is the most cuddly little mama's boy. Lately, every sentence he says is followed with a "right, mama?" Oh it's precious. "Chyenne, that's not the way we do it! Right, mama?!" Melts my heart that he ALWAYS wants my approval. When riding in the car, "Green means go, red means stop, and yellow means slow down OR go fast! Right, mama?!" Right little buddy.
It's funny to watch. Chyenne is my Sensitive Sally who is always in charge. She loves to please me, but she also is quite insistent on doing everything her way. She thinks she's the boss. Cohen, he's my rough and tough little man but he is a rule-follower and aims to please. I love seeing their personalities shine.
Despite our hectic schedules and trying to settle in to our new routine of having a kid in school amongst everything else, we're doing well. These sweet smiles keep us going.
When we're ALL well, we will hopefully celebrate our anniversary, since 5 years IS a big deal. ;)