Friday, February 17, 2012

New Craft/Homeschool Room

Lately, I have been feeling like the KIDS are taking over our entire (6400 sq foot) house. I feel like they are old enough and independent enough to play in their rooms/playroom upstairs instead of playing in their downstairs playroom and entire main living. SO I took all of the toys out of their downstairs playroom (our sunroom) and I am turning it into a craft/homeschool room. This is a special treat since hubby took over my previous craft/homeschool spot as his office.

Last week we went to IKEA and loaded up on furniture and other goodies to make our space special. Chyenne & Cohen are eager to start lessons in their "new" room. I am too...but it's got a ways to go before it's organized enough for learning and crafting. Pictures soon to come.

Mrs Staff Sergeant!

Oh how I love my husband. He's really amazing. Last month, we celebrated his promotion from Sergeant in the Army to Staff Sergeant. He's 24. AWESOME! I am SO proud of him. He has worked really hard for this promotion (that they promised him in early 2011). He's my hero.

Congrats hubby! We love you!

Where's Winter?!

It's supposed to be winter, right?! It's February, right?! Where IS winter? Georgia weather... I loathe you! Well, okay, not really. I just really, really, really want some snow. Is that TOO much to ask for?! Ah. Last winter spoiled me I guess. Montana is looking better and better each day.
Except on days like this... even in the middle of winter. ;)

Despite my grumpiness about the warm weather, I really DO love Georgia. The greenish grass, warmth from the gorgeous sun, blue skies, white clouds, bubbles, trucks, dirt, & my kids---I couldn't be happier. All of you with lots of snow this winter...go sledding for me ppplease! ;)