Thursday, August 8, 2013

Superhero Party: Happy 4th Birthday Cohen!

Last weekend, we celebrated Cohen's fourth birthday.

Superhero Style!
I can hardly believe that my sweet, 8 lb 13 oz newborn baby boy is now 43.5 lbs and four years old! He is really into superheroes lately. In fact, the day after his Shark party last year, he said "mama when I four, I gonna have a superhero party!". So we stuck with it.
AWWW. Look how precious he was and is! Newborn, 1st birthday, 2nd birthday, 3rd birthday and almost 4th birthday! He has grown up way too fast but I am so proud of the little boy is!

As usual, I made his cake. He doesn't even eat cake, but he requested a "blue superhero cake with four sides because I'm gonna be four!" So, that's what my boy got.

Saturday morning was fun! He woke up while I was at the bi-annual soccer meeting and daddy told him he heard a bull frog outside. Cohen ventured out to find him, still in his pajamas. He adores frogs and lizards so I was not surprised when I returned to find him toting a frog around.

I was a little surprised when I looked over to see him with the frog IN the house... he said his frog was hungry and there was a fly on the window trim, so of course, he had to bring the frog in.
He also put the frog on his head, asked me (with a shovel in hand) if frogs eat worms, and asked if we had any frog-sized clothes for the little guy. It was the sweetest thing.
As a young girl, I had always dreamt about having kids of my own... a girl who loved crafting and playing with babies and a boy who was the ultimate, rough and tough, frog-catching, mess-making son! And that's exactly what God blessed me with. Cohen is everything I have ever dreamt of and I am so thankful God saw me fit to be his mommy.

We didn't get the basement ready in time like we had planned... one word: RAIN! We had the rainiest summer here in GA ever!!!
But on to the party, I still managed to set up a little so my little superhero could have a cool party.


Some outdoor decorations. The weather was ehhhh not the best, but we still had a decent turn out. A lot of girls. poor guy. ;)

Cohen was thrilled to be surrounded by superheroes and his friends.

Happy Birthday handsome boy!

He smiled so nicely for pictures before we sang happy birthday.

He then made a big wish, "I wish I was a real knight in shining armor!" (the same wish he makes on every single dandelion he blows) and successfully blew out all four candles!

I cannot believe that my boy had FOUR candles on his birthday cake this year! Four is SO old!

The little stinker just wanted vanilla ice cream and white cheddar popcorn while all of his friends munched on cake, cupcakes, ice cream, and oreo pops!

A super cute Hulk pose!

He was so precious sitting atop the table eating his treats. Gosh I love him SO much!

He is at THE BEST age for opening presents. His face lit up with each and every one. He mostly got superhero toys, legos, and puzzles.

Me and my birthday boy!

Wonder Woman, Superhero Cohen, and Iron Man! Family! :) (Chy was still swimming at this point)

BALLOONS! (That he punched so hard they floated into space after he knocked them off of their ribbons).

Trying out his new Hulk Mask with his Hulk Hands. Sweet boy! (In the background, girls are still working on their superhero masks, rings, and bracelets).

Superhero Fight.... Cohen with his closest cousin and best friend, Cayden (5 months younger than Cohen).

He had a great birthday party. He was thankful for everything and everyone. I am so proud of my boy!

The next morning, Sunday, was his actual birthday. He woke up early (no surprise there, as he was born at 5:48 am!) and asked "Mama, is I four now?". Yes sweet boy with horrible grammar, you are four years old. Happy Birthday, son. Thank you for being the boy of my dreams.

We played with his new toys and games and then he was ready for breakfast. Bullseyes per his request. I am so glad I was able to celebrate my beautiful boy.

Cohen, I hope you know how loved you are. I hope you know how happy you make us. I love you more than words can even attempt to express. You are the boy of my dreams who just so happened to complete our little family. I cannot imagine life without you. You are spunky, smart, creative, imaginative, thoughtful, kind, loving, fierce, strong, beautiful, hilarious, sincere, and simply amazing! Happy birthday baby boy.