Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 2 of Homeschool

Yesterday, we were quite limited on time for "school" since my sweet babies took a late nap with daddy and we had to visit daddy's grandmother in the hospital. BUT we got a pretty good lesson in.

A is for ANT!

I took Chyenne's lead. She wanted to use the "wipe-able markers" so that's just what we did. I asked her to circle the A. She did. Then I asked her to write her A's (big and little). She did. :)
 Lovely cheesy grin, huh?
 Cohen, having fun learning. (excuse the bow. He loves to do everything sister does).
 My sweet boy.
She looked through her bag of magnet letters and found the letters "A, N, T" and I asked her to put them in the correct order to spell ant. She did, then I asked her to draw an ant. She was apprehensive at first and then I told her that ants have bodies kind of like caterpillars and a head, 6 legs, eyes and a mouth, and antennas.
 I think she did pretty good!
Gotta love the fake cheesy smile to show how proud of herself she was.
 Mommy is certainly proud!
 I'm proud of my cross-dressing, lovely son, too!
 Next, we did an ART piece about ants. A is for ant. A is also for Art. :)
 I cut Cohen's circles and taped them for him. I also wrote everything for him and allowed him to decorate.
Chyenne wanted to cut her own circles.
 But cutting craft foam is a little hard.  So she cut two and I cut one.
 Cohen had a blast. Ambidextrous? maybe.
 She also wanted to tape it down by herself. So she did.
 Next, she decorated.
 Notice, she did her letter Aa and she also put the letters "A, N, T" together to spell ant. All by herself. (I wrote ANT and she found the letters and stuck them to it).
 We discussed how ants and other insects, have SIX legs.
 Only she thought it would be best to give her ant SEVEN legs. "My ant can have as many legs as I want it to". Sheesh.
 Cohen then played with airplanes and tried to draw them too!
 Chyenne remembered her coloring page from yesterday, so she was anxious to finish it.
She traced the letters that said "Aa is for apple".
 Cheesy grin. Joy joy. And she colored the apples.
 "Mommy, I have to color all of my apples before I color the rest of my picture."
 hehe. I love her faces of concentration.
 working hard. (in the mean time, Cohen used the potty! Third time ever that he popped on the potty! Yes, I'm a proud mama!)
 She bares down so hard to color. I love it.
 ALL DONE! (Just in time to visit Great Granny in the hospital!)
I think she's a natural artist. :)
We also sang our alphabet song and went over words that started with A. We flew our little airplanes that we got from Arby's a few weeks ago. She discovered that Arby's also starts with A.


  1. So much fun! I'm anxious to start with my kiddos! I think I'm more excited than they are LOL!!

  2. Awwww they are so cute, and its so cool how much you are doing with them already! PS I love the bow :)