Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Homeschooling Day 1

We finally started HOMESCHOOL yesterday. Chyenne was so excited. She couldn't get enough. She finished a FULL day's work in less than 2 hours. She and Cohen were both eager to learn something new. We are following Confessions of a Homeschooler's Letter of the Week Cirriculum to an extent. GREAT stuff and well-worth the small price. :) Since Chyenne already knows her letters, we are just starting with the LOTW to refresh her before we move on to everything else. Cohen now says "A" and "ah". Success? I think so. I'm going to see today if he can pick an A out of my stack of letters. I think he can. He's 20 months old and such an inquisitive little guy. He doesn't say much though.

First start to our first day of homeschool was to get all of our books that started with the letter A. I did I quick rummage because Chyenne someone was getting impatient and we were quickly running out of time since I work on Mondays. I'll look for more today. :)
(A Nose Like This, All Things Bright and Beautiful, Are You My Mother, Animals, several Animal Baby books, A Day at the Beach, A Yummy Surprise, Aa, Accessories, Animals, Alien Al, Authur's Baby, Animals)

We read a couple from this pile.
We talked about the letter A and what it looked like.
Then we decided to do a dot-to-dot worksheet. A is for Alien.
 She did a great job at counting the numbers and connecting the dots.

(sorry it's crooked)She was awfully proud of her alien worksheet.

and we can't forget the little man. He enjoyed coloring.

We sang the "A says ah, A says ah, every letter makes a sound, A says ah!" song. Both of them enjoyed that.
Next up? Learning the shape of A and a. We used M&Ms to "trace" our letters.
 Little Man just wanted to snack.

Chyenne did amazingly well at this project...even though she snuck several M&Ms before she completed her letters.

Enjoying herself

 Great job, baby girl!

all done with a silly face!

 Cohen munched on his M&Ms and played with the leapfrog fridge phonics. A says ah!
Since I had laminated the large A's, we were able to use dry-erase markers to outline/trace the letter.

Cohen kept himself busy. 
 More writing practice. Capital or "Big" A.

I'm so proud of her writing skills so far.
Gotta love her concentration.
 My sweet boy shouting "AHHHHHH!" for A. :)
 Lower case or "Little" A.

 She was extremely pleased with herself! Mommy and Daddy were too!
 We then did an apple coloring worksheet.
 Then little man tried to snatch it, so Chyenne decided to only color 3 apples and save the rest for tomorrow. Smart girl, she is.

After that, we brainstomed words that started with A.

Here's our list so far: apple, ant, astronaut, airplane, acrobat, aprocot, art, animals, aligator, alien, amazing, awesome, air, allowed, ask, answer, arrow, Aunt, Ashley (specifically Aunt Ashley)...

Maybe she can think of some more today.
Then it was recess time and hugs for mommy!

On the agenda for the rest of the week? Art with A's, lace and trace, science with things that start with A, A scavenger hunt, more writing practice, word practice, more counting and maybe a little math skills. I also hope to work in a couple of bible lesson, weather, day of the week, month, year, and American pride (pledge). She's excited and so am I. Cohen will enjoy it too, I'm sure.

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  1. Love it! I'm still getting things laminated and ready to go. I figure we'll be starting next week. I'm using Confessions LOTW too. I LOVE her blog. I spent my entire sunday morning downloading other stuff from her blog. I'm so excited!!! :)