Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wrapping it up

We're finally wrapping up our letter A "week". There was so much I wanted to get in, and so little time that Chy and Coh wanted to cooperate. Gotta love child-led learning. :) I also decided to drag out our first week a bit to allow them to get used to the idea and "routine" of homeschooling. PLUS, I ordered Erica's (confessions of a homeschooler genius) newest disk (K4 LOTW Expansion Cirriculum) and we're waiting on that. I'm stoked.

Chyenne did a little "puzzle".

"Patter-rens" (patterns)

 Spelling apple and APPLE
 A little cut and paste practice (we haven't finished this project, some grumpy girl got mad that she cut one of her apples, so we have delayed this project for when she's more excited about it).
 Matching with upper and lower case A's. (Cohen worked on stacking paper the puzzle that Chyenne had already completed).
 Apple puzzles... color recognition for both Chyenne and Cohen.
 Counting and numbers. She did GREAT with this.
 Sequences. (This came from Carissa is great too!) yes I ran out of colored ink
 More upper and lower case letter distinction. (Uppercase was circled in pink, lowercase in purple)
 Aa coloring sheet and handwriting practice for her name. (it's light pink at the bottom)
 Another Aa worksheet (again, name-writing practice)
 Cohen colored A LOT... but he also played a lot with his baby cousin so there's not many pics.
 A story. We read and then she circled all of the A's pictured. (She actually traced all of the A's and then circled).

and here's a short video of her doing another matching game. Shapes.

Overall, we have really enjoyed learning about all A things. We discovered many ant "volcanoes" and the ants that occupy them in our yard. We ate apples and applesauce. We talked about astronauts and aliens. We read a ton of books, mostly about animals. We had a playdate with a friend named Allyssa (it was adorable when Chyenne announced "hey! your name starts with an A!" LOL). We talked about family...including AUNTS. We practiced handwriting, numbers, counting, shapes, sequences, patterns, puzzles.
and my personal favorite
A is for Alligator


  1. Great job, mama!! Your printer is really getting a work out :) Thanks for the ideas!

  2. Yay!! We finish up our "Aa" week tomorrow! :) Hopefully I'll get a blog posted about it by :)

  3. Great job on your A week work! Your daughter is doing fabulous!! I love the Letter of the Week curriculum!! I look forward to seeing more of yours! :)

    ~Rockabye Butterfly~

  4. YOU WON the Giveaway!!!! Go check it out!!

  5. Thank You so much Rockabye Butterfly! It was YOUR BLOG that inspired me... I went from your blog to confessions and haven't stopped since! :)