Monday, May 2, 2011

"Mommy, can we do homeschool with these animals?"

I have been trying to incorporate math, counting, patterns, colors, and other recognition to our homeschool days. I found these wonderful counters the other day. Chyenne was just as excited as I was to test them out. Cohen had a blast with them as well.

First, we did color identification. Cohen can now say "ello" and "puple" in addition to his favorite color blue. We're still working on green and red (amongst other colors).

Next, we got out a few worksheets that we'll use later this week and counted the animals and placed a counter on each animal. We practiced many numbers. Chyenne was very good at this, of course. Cohen is getting much better with his animal identifcation and learning to count.

After that, we sorted by color.
BUT Cohen had another plan. I only gave him two colors to sort (yellow and red) with two bowls. I thought he was just tossing random counters into the bowls and so I dumped them and showed him again what I wanted (colors). Well, he got mad and picked through the pile and found all of the turtles again. He was sorting by animals! I am so proud of him! He did such a great job! It's amazing to see how his little mind works, such a little processor. He is so smart, but in a totally different way than Chyenne.

Chyenne sorted, but it took her a long time because she wanted to make them all stand up. Silly, meticulous girl.

These counters have been SO fun! I'm sure we will use them on a regular basis, just this weekend, we have gotten them out a ton of times...and not just for learning. They enjoyed PLAYING with them. Learning through play is the best.

(April 18, 2011)

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