Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Summer's Coming!

This spring/beginning of summer has been fun for us. It has been quite hectic, as usual, but we have still managed to have a blast.

First off, we have COHEN who is POTTY TRAINING! EEEP! Yes, my son sits to use the potty...for now. Wait until daddy is back in town, that boy will be a pee-standing machine. :) (and yes, I WILL save this pic and any other embarrassing pics for his girlfriends in the future).

Next, we took my nephew (Malaki, age 7) to school for the last month or two of his school year... he wanted us to attend his first grade field day, so we did. They had a blast! I'm hoping to purchase a similar parachute from orientaltrading.com SOON!

 My two little munchkins did SO well following directions from Malaki's teacher. His teacher actually commented many times on how well behaved they were and how smart they are! Every mom loves to hear good things about her children!
 We recently bought Cohen a BIG BOY BED! *toddler bed* and he LOVES it. Of course he still loves Mommy and Daddy's bed better, but he is doing SO well. He has been refusing his crib for months and months, but he goes to sleep with ease in his new bed! We put it next to sister's for the first night, just to adjust him.
 and when I got back from the gym just 3 hours after laying him down, I found him like this! Apparently, Chyenne's bed is better. LOL!
 Of course I placed him back in his bed and he did well... until he woke and wandered downstairs to cuddle and get milk from mommy.

Next up? Chyenne's second dental check-up. She was SO exicted and picked out her outfit to impress.
 Cohen was a good sport, as usual and played with his laptop. Chyenne passed the time in the waiting room with her mobigo...
 She was a bit nervous when they called her back. She used humor to cover up her nervousness. When the dentist came back, he asked her for her name and she said, "Curious George!" haha. She giggled loudly and said, "no really, I'm just silly, my name is Chyenne (middle and last name)!" The dentist sure got a kick out of that.
 But she did AMAZING.
 I was so proud of how well she did. Especially since she hasn't always had pleasing dentist visits. She chipped a tooth and pushed a couple of teeth back when she was 28 months old. It was quite traumatic. She had to see an emergency dentist to push her teeth back into place and make sure there was no nerve damage on her chipped tooth. Shortly after that, we started routine dentist visits, every 6 months. She did well during her first real check-up, but she did FABULOUS at this one!
 She said, "ohh, that tickles my teeth!" Sweet girl.
 ALL CLEAN! The dentist said her teeth look perfect. Absolutely no cavities and we're doing a perfect job caring for her mouth.
 She was sent home with a new toothbrush, a sticker, some new flossers, a little mirror and pick, and a balloon. Such a special trip!  Cohen received all of the same items! He goes sometime around his 2nd birthday for his next check up. I *try* to NOT schedule them on the same days. It makes things a little bit easier for me.
 My two love doing their Melissa and Doug word puzzles. They can do this for HOURS!
 Below is a picture of my oldest sister and myself... we were headed to our middle sister's college graduation. I'm quite proud of her! :)
 We have started a vegetable garden in a box... the kids had a blast planting (and PULLING, ahem COHEN) our new plants and seeds.
 We have also been swimming a lot lately. Gotta love having a pool when it's 90 degrees out!
 Chyenne is a mermaid. She LOVES the water.
 Here's a blackmail pic for Chyenne's future boyfriends! Gotta keep dirt on them. LOL
 Stamping Fun! They LOVE to use their stamps!
 Mommy and Cohen!

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