Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Long Overdue B Week (part I)

This whole blogger is giving me a hard time uploading pics from my camera, so here is a bit of pics (mostly cell pics). We successfully wrapped up our 'B LOTW'... and then Chyenne wanted to do more worksheets, writing practice, math, science, etc NOT about a specific letter. Since I am following her (and Cohen's) lead, I decided to do exactly what she wanted. So we are still working on C week, on HER time. Ehh, whatever... the last several years have been on her time, why end that now?! :)
Below is a bit of our B week work... we did SO much more (hopefully I'll be able to get the other pictures downsized and uploaded soon!)

 Both of them really enjoyed this activity... baskets of B stuff... Cohen's basket had an assortment of items that start with the letter B. He had to name off the items. :) He is using his words so much more now!

 Miss Chyenne is getting AWESOME at writing her name!
 Little Bear aka Cohen, is also getting really good at coloring specific items/places. He is paying a lot more attention to what he's doing and developing more hand-eye coordination. :)

 Bb's! ahhh!

 Lacing with a pipe cleaner... always more fun to do after baby brother rips one! LOL
 My independent guy is pretty good with the glue.

 So proud of herself!
 Cohen's butterfly! I am IMPRESSED!
 Chyenne's butterfly who just HAD to wear a BOW like her! Such a diva!
 Chyenne's B basket had several items in it... most of which started with the letter B, but some stuff did not. She did fantastic with this.

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