Monday, March 21, 2011


This past week was trying--to say the least. My oldest sister was in the hospital for her sleep study to properly diagnose her seizures. SHEESH! I took off work the whole week to help my mom (Nana) watch my sister's kiddos. I absolutely LOVE being an's definitely the greatest, second to being mommy of course! My sister's kids are amazing but LOUD and whiny. Gotta love them. My gorgeous twin nieces (2 years old) are LUCKY they are so darn cute. They are high maintenance. My sweet nephew is HYPER and mouthy. He's 7...enough said. In addition to my two, this past week just gave me a complete headache. My caring sister finally came home today. 7 days in a hospital...I'm sure she's exhausted as well. I can't wait to see her, but cram session tomorrow and then maybe after my test on Wednesday I'll stop by for some sister-love. :) (okay, maybe really I need a break from that LOUD house. hehe).

Now to get my house in order for Chyenne's upcoming birthday. My princess is ALMOST three! EEEK! She turns 3 on Friday and we're celebrating with family and friends on Saturday with a cowgirl party, fit for a princess. We can't wait. BUT there is SO much to do. I have a ton of decorations to finish, groceries to buy...and school work to do! I have a huge exam on Wednesday and I plan on cramming non-stop tomorrow. Nothing like procrastination, right?! Sometimes I wish my life could be simple, then I think, how fun is that?! The rewards I reap from my crazy life is definitely worth it.

I'm completely exhausted and entirely overwhelmed. May I get a sub please? :)


  1. You're a great sister and mommy!! I bet Chy is super excited for Saturday :)

  2. I know that "can I have a sub feeling"! You are a strong mama, and an amazing mama, so you can push through it! Remember, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!!!