Thursday, March 10, 2011

Interview With an Almost 3 Year Old

A couple of great friends gave me the idea to do an interview with Chyenne and see how her answers change in the coming months/years. (Thanks Missy and Angie!)
Interview with Chyenne. 03/09/2011

Favorite Color: "pink, of course... and I also like purple and red and green and sparkles!" Favorite Animal: "umm PIGGY!" -Why do you like piggies? "Because I just love them!"
Favorite Food: "Noodles... Pasta... ummm... and candy!"
Favorite Toy: "my movigo! (vtect mobigo)" -Why is your mobigo your favorite toy? "because it teaches me learning stuff and play games!"
Favorite thing to do: "read books with mommy... and jump on the jumpoplain!" (trampoline). Best Friend? "ummm I have a lot of best friends! Fe-Fe (Phoebe)!!! and my best friend Mylie and my best friend Kadence and my girls (the twins) and my best friend Emily! and I have friends like Savannah and Peyton and Levi and well I just have a lot a lot of friends!" ((she certainly is blessed!))
Age? "well I am just two, not yet three, but I will be three on my birthday!" Birthday? "I was borned from Mommy on March twenty fifths! and I'm gonna have a pink piggy cowgirl birthday party with ponies to ride and yummy cake to eat... well chocolate cupcakes to eat!" Favorite clothes? "T-Shirts!!!!" Where do you live? "I live in Billa Rica, Georgia!" (Villa Rica)
Address? "do I have to say the numbers?" -yes "uuugghhhh five eleven Reed Road Villa Rica Georgia!!!!" (what attitude!)
What do you live in? "a great big ole giant house!" Who lives with you? "my daddy and my mommy and my brother Cohen and just me! nobody else!" Can you tell me what time out is? "yes, time out is for the bad girls and the bad boys. Time out is when you hit someone and you don't listen to mommy or aunt Gay. I do not like time out, it makes me cry!"
What present do you want for your birthday? "a piggy!" -a real one? "oh yes! a real piggy! a pink one!" ((not happening)).
Favorite TV show? "Pirate Jake! and ummm OLIVIA!" (Jake and the Neverland Pirates)Favorite Book? "piggy books! and I like my Veggie Tales books and I like Wide Awake Jake and I like the sleepy pirates book (Pajama Pirtaes)". Are you finished with this interview yet? "nope, not yet... ask me some more!"
How much does Mommy love you? "more than the sun and the moon and the stars and the sky!" (way more)Why is the sky blue? "because the grass is already green and skies are boys, so they can't be pink!" (HAHAHAHAHA)
What are you most excited about? "being three and going to school, homeschool with mommy!" (me too!)
Well Chyenne mommy is out of questions... -"okay..."

Oh how I love my girl.


  1. Oh my goodness! I love it! She is just too cute, seriously! And the attitude in the replies, oh the attitude, is hilarious! I'm so glad you are blogging!!!

  2. I love her answers Heather!! Especially her reasoning as to why the sky is blue :) What a sweetie!

  3. She is gonna be something big when she grows up! I don't know what it is ...but the world will know

  4. So funny you say that Missy! We got Chyenne a book called "Dream Big, Pig" (i think that's the title) and it's all about a little pig who wanted to do/be something great...but she was clumsy (like Chyenne!) LOL! It's the cutest book and fits her perfectly.

    She already thinks she's the center of the world.