Monday, March 28, 2011

Cowgirl Party: Chyenne's 3rd Birthday!

On Saturday, March 26, 2011, we celebrated Chyenne's 3rd Birthday with a cowgirl party fit for a princess.

After all of the planning and prepping, the most we could do was hope and pray for good weather. Well, good weather, we did not get. The forecast stated "Isolated Thunderstoms". Yipee. We woke up early and the rain was holding off. We decided to still set up on the front porch as planned, afterall, who wants to host a cowgirl party indoors? It took hours to get the decorations up and we were running WAY behind schedule. I didn't even get to put up half of my decorations! Goodness. The wind was so horrid that we had to keep all of the balloons indoors. Way fun, not! So after struggling to keep stuff from flying away with the wind, I noticed the 2 o'clock hour was quickly approaching. Joy joy! I was still in my pajamas and had not even showered! (Mind you, her party was at TWO!) A few guests (I'll apologize here for my appearance yet again! So sorry!) arrived before I sneaked out to take a shower and bathe the kiddos. It was a mess. Everything was falling apart it seemed. Even my camera! Yep, I didn't even have a camera to take pictures of my princess' third birthday!

Luckily the ponies were able to come.

So I get the kiddos and myself ready and we start celebrating Chyenne's 3rd Birthday.

This was, by far, the largest party we have hosted. Just about all of Chyenne's friends and family were there. There were at least 30 kids (Chyenne's age) in attendence!

The ponies were a hit...and Chyenne, like any new 3 year old, decided to pitch a complete fit about not wanting to get off of "her" pony. She threw her cowgirl hat down as tons of tears streamed down her face and her cries were probably heard from down the road. Goodness.

She did well during "cake time" and did not cry (like last year). She was so excited to have all of the attention on her. Such a diva. She blew out her candles like a pro and quickly devoured her cupcake (well the icing at least).

Present time! My sweet birthday girl is definitely spoiled. BUT She was thoroughly thankful for each and every present. She said "thank you" too many times to count. Oh I love the way a 3 year old's eyes light up at the sight of a present!

Overall, the party was a success. Despite the nasty weather, and the fact that the ponies left at the first sound of thunder (we got nearly an hour with them, so that's good) I believe everyone had a great time. I know I did. There's nothing better than spending a hectic day with so many loved ones and seeing the faces of children light up.

Did I mention that my sweet girl ate SEVEN cupcakes on Saturday? 7! I'm sure she'll be caked-out for a while to come.

After the party was over, Chyenne was looking through her gifts. I asked her which presents were her favorites. She replied, "my ponies were the best presents ever!" I asked what other gifts she liked and she said, "all of them!" A birthday girl couldn't be happier!

Thanks to all who helped make Chyenne's birthday so fantastic! We love you all!

Without further ado... PICTURES!
Remember, I didn't have a camera, so these are just SOME pics I have gotten from others. More to come!

sorry the pics aren't in any special order.

Until next time....


  1. So glad she had a good time even with her pony melt down. Lol. Besides it's her party and she can cry if she wants to. ;-). Cohen is such a stud muffin. Abs Chyenne as beautiful as ever!

  2. Such great pics! I can't believe how big they are getting!

  3. I bet those ponies were as tired as you were after all of that! It looks like a GREAT success and I am sure Chyenne will care those memories with her forever :) Good job, mama!