Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Favorite

THIS is my favorite. THIS is what I wake up to. THIS is why I don't think co-sleeping is so bad. THIS is what gets me through my day.
Never mind that I maybe had 4 inches of mattress to sleep on the whole night. My sweet peaceful babies were close in my arms and close to each other. Pure Bliss.


  1. TOTAL SWEETNESS! Joshua is my cosleeper, Madelynn wants nothing to do with it! She is a lot like me in the sense that she wants to snuggle until SHE decides she is tired, then she will stop nursing and point to her crib to be put down. Joshua is like his daddy and wants/needs to be touching someone TO fall asleep, then he can be moved (until his bladder wakes him and he's back in my bed touching me!)
    Though I will say, I am much more tolerant of Joshua's closeness and snuggles than I am of my husbands :)