Monday, July 15, 2013

New tricks

Cohen starts pre-k just a few days after he turns four. He has been working all year on buckling and unbuckling himself in his car seat in preparation for school. I know this sounds like some easy task, but I have never wanted my kids to buckle or unbuckle themselves. I wanted them to be as safe as possible. They understand that they must be properly buckled at all times in the vehicle. Well, when Chyenne turned four, I started working with her on buckling and unbuckling, so by the time she started pre-k (which was four months later), she could buckle and unbuckle, making for smoother drop-offs and pick-ups.

Cohen has been trying his hardest. He can buckle his top buckle always. He can rarely buckle his bottom buckles. He could NOT unbuckle.

Until Friday! Woohoo! Way to go buddy! He tried so hard.

He got the top pretty easily.

The bottom? it was tough. He pushed and pulled and grunted.

And POP! One buckle came loose.

He was sooooo excited and soooo proud of himself. Look at that sweet face! He did not think he could do it. He tried and tried and he did it!

I told him to try again to get the second bottom buckle loose. He looked at me like I was crazy.

But he got it! For his troubles and success, he earned one dollar!

I am so proud of you buddy. Always remember that even though things are difficult or may seem impossible, always try your best. If you fail, try harder. You will do great things, little man. Mommy is sure of it!

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