Monday, July 15, 2013

All-American Boy

Or All-American Muscle. Whichever way you look at it.

Here is Cohen from Independence Day. He really is, ALL BOY. He wore his tank top with his jeans and cowboy boots. Oh he looked like such a little redneck. But he pulled it off. Bless him. He insisted on a "Mohawk" for the day and he totally rocked that too.

That tattoo? A little secret. I really, really, really dislike rub-on tattoos. I cannot stand them, really. I usually throw them away before the kids notice them in goody bags. But, Chyenne had gotten a "gift" from her cousin and saved the turtle tattoo for Cohen. He totally rocked it with his redneck look.

Those green eyes! He's going to melt some girl's heart one day.

And those muscles!

So strong.

So fierce.

Such a ham!

Look at those guns! He is impressively strong to be three...almost four.

He kept doing this every time I wanted to take his picture.

Everyone around us giggled every time he presented his strength. It made him angry. LOL.

Muscle boy!

I cannot get enough of him. He is so charming. So sweet. So strong. So feisty. He does everything wide open. He's either incredibly sensitive or incredibly fierce. He's my favorite little guy in the whole wide world. I love catching glimpses of who he is going to be when he's older. Can't you just see this strong boy turning into a very strong, athletic teenager? Ah. It makes me sad to think about it, but happy at the same time. I love my All-American Boy!

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