Monday, July 15, 2013

First Tooth

I know it's an expression that I use a lot, but my children are growing up fast...way too fast. I wish time could slow down or even stand still for a bit. I love their imaginative spirits and everything about each age they have been.
Even teething. Yes. I enjoyed teething with both of my babies. They handled everything so well. It was not a big deal. I have always been nervous for the day when they would lose baby teeth & go through that awkward stage of "big teeth, tiny mouth". I have pretty much been dreading it.
But you know what? It really is not all that bad! Well, we're still waiting on a "big tooth" to come in. I am sure she'll rock that look like she does every other.
Chyenne lost her first tooth (7-11-2013). She is only 5 years old. I did not lose my first tooth until I was 6 or 6.5. Wow.

The same tooth (front bottom) has been loose since April or May.
It was getting to the point to where it was uncomfortable for her to eat. (Below: At Olive Garden, not eating).

 So, I explained to her that mommy or daddy could pull it out if she wanted. Well, she did want. And, since I told her about my daddy (her papa) pulling out all of my teeth, she decided it was a daddy's job.

 She cried a bit at first when she saw blood, but then she was SO HAPPY! "This means that the tooth fairy is going to bring me some money!"

 Now, isn't that little gap precious?! Of course it is, when she's beaming with pride at least. :)

Her sweet, yet funny note: "Dear Tooth Fairy, here is my first tooth. Please leave me 20 dollars. Thank You! 7-11-2013. Love, Chyenne Taylor Mayfield" Sweet.
 She sat down to write her letter to the tooth fairy. She only needed help with the spelling of a few words. Yes, she asked for $20. Dream big, kid.

 Flash back to when she first got her teeth... the bottom two came in two days at six months old. So sweet. She was 7 months old here.

 As we were getting ready for bed, she was so excited to put her tooth and note under her pillow for the tooth fairy. BUT, she did not stay in her bed all night, she came into our room in what the kids like to call "the floor bed" which is basically a cushiony pallet in the floor. She brought her tooth and letter.
She was sleeping late, daddy had already left for work, I was off work, and Cohen was already awake. I decided to wake her. THEN, I noticed blood. Poor girl had a pretty intense nose bleed during the night and did not wake. Blood was everywhere (see the pillow?). I said, "Chyenne, do you want to wake up and check to see if the tooth fairy came?" Her response, "you check, I'm sleeping." Oh boy! She finally did wake, I cleaned her face and hands of the blood. She was very excited to check under her pillow.
 The Tooth Fairy did leave her a twenty dollar bill... a very glittery twenty dollar bill and my girl was so pleased.

See the blood all over her shirt? Poor girl. But that gap, oh that tiny gap from the missing tooth. So precious.

That twenty was apparently burning a hole in her purse. She HAD to spend it. We had a few errands to run, including going to sign both kiddos up for fall soccer. She would not stop talking about having "so much money to buy something awesome". It was pretty cute. She first wanted a couple of craft kits but ended up choosing a new baby doll instead. She loves her.

My girl is growing up so fast! See? Side by side comparison.

Please don't look goofy when you get big girl teeth. ;)

Despite how much both of my babies are growing up, they will always be my babies.

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