Thursday, May 23, 2013

We Survived Pre-K

We survived Pre-K. Yes, we. It was tough but we made it.
Pre-K was interesting to say the least. Chyenne's social skills blossomed and she learned how to take direction from people other than mommy and daddy. She was disappointed all year long that she didn't get to take tests and do intense homework, but she still enjoyed herself. She was far too smart for her class and was given other work to keep her occupied. She also went to a different classroom for reading and math. She scored 113/100 on her Kindergarten Readiness Test. Um how is that possible? Well, she's just a smarty pants. She is excited for the opportunity to be tested for the gifted class in the fall. :) She's reading at an advanced first grade reading level and I am sure she will top that over the summer. I am so proud of her. So yes, we survived.

She even wore home a shirt to prove it.

You know, the shirt (long sleeve, mind you) that she just had to change into on field day (2 days ago) after I dressed her all precious like this?

Yeah, that one. The same one she had to put on today for her family picnic and "graduation", over her dress. Sheesh. Little pink pig lover.
Here she is in the drop off line unbuckling, eager to begin her last (or second to last...we're still undecided about sending her to school tomorrow) day of Pre-K.

And here she is with her teachers after giving them the gifts she picked out for them. (Ms. Lura is the one in the white and then the assistant (who was only there part of the year) is in the pink).

Showing off how big her backpack looks stuffed with end of the year goodies.

So for comparison, here she is on her very first day of Pre-K.
And here she is today! On her (possibly) last day of Pre-K.

Really, she's growing up way too fast! Didn't I JUST take this picture, YESTERDAY!?!

My baby girl has grown up so much in the last 9 months. I am already nervous about her beginning Kindergarten in August, but I know she will love it and she will have many more opportunities to grow.
Let's not forgot this sweet boy. He loves catching frogs and stealing mommy's heart. This big guy starts Pre-K in August, just a few days after his fourth birthday, so I'm sure I'll add another sentimental post all about him growing up too fast soon!


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