Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Beach Wedding? Count Us In!

Yes, I realize I'm posting backwards. I apologize.
At the end of April, we had a beach wedding to attend. Hubby & the kiddos were in the wedding, so we couldn't say 'no', right? We totally wouldn't have passed up a beach wedding anyway. ;)
We had a blast the entire weekend, despite me finishing up finals the night we got there & the next morning. Blah.
The first night, we had the wedding rehearsal on the beach. Cohen couldn't get enough of the sand.

Then, the entire wedding party & the guests went to a go-kart track for a night of fun & dinner. It was so much fun!

The next morning, Chyenne and I attended the bridal brunch and had a ton of fun. Everyone adored little Chy, the little flower girl.

After brunch, we met the boys on the beach for some fun in the sun.

And last year, we gave into the 2-piece swim suit trend for Chy. She's cute in anything, but I still prefer her one-piece.

After fun at the beach, we headed back to get ready for the evening wedding.

Luckily, my kids look great in pinks & whites. ;)

They were perfect wedding babies and everyone ohhed and ahhed over them. Including me.
The reception followed the wedding and it wore us all out.
The next day, we spent some time riding jet skis in the ocean before heading back to Georgia. It was a blast! Cohen fell asleep halfway through our adventure. WEIRDO!

Can we go back to the beach now?!

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