Thursday, May 23, 2013

Disney World & Sea World 2013

I finally got to experience my life-long (I'm totally not being dramatic here... really I've dreamt of this my whole life) dream of going to DISNEY WORLD!
Man, Walt Disney did NOT disappoint.
Oh it was wonderful. We went at the beginning of May and we're already trying to plan our next trip.
Sunday, we arrived at Disney World around 8am. We drove all night...well hubby drove all night. :)
We went to Shades of Green to purchase our military discounted tickets. Then we went to Downtown Disney to walk around and eat our picnic breakfast before we explored.
We loved Downtown Disney. Especially Cohen, who was able to build a dinosaur. He's a dinosaur fanatic. We then checked into our resort (Disney's All Star Movies) and the kids and I explored the place while daddy took a much needed nap. After daddy woke up, we went swimming in the several pools on property and had a blast. We got in bed fairly early.
Monday: Animal Kingdom super early for Extra Magic Hour park enjoyment. Then back to the resort to rest for a minute & to pack our dinner. We then went to Hollywood Studios around 5pm and stayed until Midnight! So fun.
Tuesday: Epcot & our princess storybook lunch.
Wednesday & Thursday: Magic Kingdom
Friday: Check out & Sea World then the drove home!
Saturday: arrived back home around 4am. Cohen had 2 soccer games (9am & 11am).
EXHAUSTED but so worth it!
Our kids were amazing the whole trip. Perfect behaviors. They WALKED the entire time (mind you, Chyenne just turned 5 at the end of March & Cohen won't be 4 until August) minus a few turns riding our shoulders. We literally stayed at the parks each day from the time it opened until they kicked us out. No meltdowns. It was incredible.
I won't bombard you with all of the pictures, but I will share a few favorites. I may do a character post due to the fact that we met so many. So enjoy these quick snapshots of one of my favorite weeks ever!


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