Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Meet Our New Pet, Fancy

For as long as I she can remember, Chyenne has wanted a PIG, "a real live pet pink pet piggy".

Since Daddy insists on getting the piggy princess (and the dinosaur dude) everything most of what she wants...

Meet Fancy.

We bought her from some fantastic minature (teacup) vietnamese pig breeders in Savannah, GA. What a drive! She was 4 weeks old and completely potty trained when we got her. She's not ALL pink (in fact, she's mostly grey) but she sure made (and makes) our family happy. She doesn't shed and she will not get fleas. She gets a bath every week and we lather her up with lotion every other day. She is a snuggle baby who loves to sleep in the bed with us. She is very playful and extremely smart. We LOVE her.

Chyenne was SHOCKED when daddy brought Fancy home. I video taped her reaction and she seemed very nervous and anxious. Silly girl. She quickly warmed up and now Fancy is her new best friend (well second to her brother of course). Fancy was Chyenne's early birthday present (and the most expensive gift to date) for her 4th birthday.

I am excited to watch Fancy grow up with our family. Now, little Cohen wants either a COW or a DOG for his birthday. We'll see. ;)

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