Wednesday, June 13, 2012

When Life Gets in the Way

We have been extremely busy lately. Summer is here and we're taking a {much-needed} break from preschool. We're still doing homeschooling activities but only with MY kids which is so much less stressful. We're enjoying swimming, play dates, yard sales (well we have started a yard sale store, my hubby and I), and everything else GA summer has to offer.

Chyenne has been having health issues... issues that mimic many of the symptoms/signs of leukemia... so we were quite freaked out to say the least. After numerous blood panels and scans, we now know that our sweet girl has a vitamin/mineral deficiency & that her body has a difficult time absorbing vitamin D/calcium, potassium and iron despite how well she eats. Her doctors were stumped for a while because she has always had a great appetite, great weight, and seemingly healthy. Her dentist is the one who mentioned deficiencies first. OH BOY! She has been going to the dentist since she was a year old. She has never had any issues until recently. She currently has EIGHT cavities even though just FOUR months ago she was completely cavity-free. We're hoping with the EXTRA vitamins she is now taking that we can get her headaches, fatigue, weakness, bruising, and fevers under control (plus gain some strength in her teeth that we have always brushed/mouth washed at least twice a day and flossed every night). I pray it will be a battle that we win easily and quickly.

"Daddy" is also having medical issues and we hopefully will find out by this coming Monday what is going on with him. His doctor is testing him for everything from deficiencies, liver disease, LUPUS, arthritis to cancers. It's quite scary but we're keeping our faith in God.

Good news is that COHEN is completely healthy. He is such a great boy. So loving and friendly. He cleans up after himself very well (much better than his older sister). He is always happy and thoughtful. He's still a thinker who loves to analyze everything and state his opinion on all he sees. He is writing his name really well and he loves to count. I adore everything about my sweet boy. It's crazy hard to believe that he will be THREE years old on August 4th. It's a good thing he is still insistent on being "mommy's baby" forever. I'm perfectly content with that. :)

I have a new niece coming SOON! She's due on July 7th. Hooray! I'll finally get to hold & spoil an itty baby again! :) Also, my sister and one of my best friends are both expecting & both due in December.

I hope to keep this blog updated. :) Until next time....

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