Saturday, April 7, 2012

Another Pageant

I struggle daily with letting Chyenne be... CHYENNE. She is SO different from me in so many ways (yet exactly like me in many other ways). She is the girliest, prissiest, most sensitive little girl I have met. She ADORES getting dressed up, putting on a show for people, and looking pretty. Those three things are far from what my dream day would be. Since (she totally rocked) her last pageant, we have been getting TONS and TONS of pageant offers. Offers to be in Glitz pageants and offers for Toddlers and Tiaras (you may as well pronounce me dead before she does any of THOSE)! Not too many offers for simple, natural pageants. When we got the opportunity for a BENEFIT, ALL NATURAL, SIMPLE SUNDAY BEST Pageant, we couldn't resist. Best part? It was held just 5 minutes from our house.

So here are some pictures from Chyenne's 2nd EVER pageant. The Beauties For a Cure benefiting Relay for Life. Awesome.

1. All excited to walk in. 2. Cohen's new "troll face". 3. Mommy & Chyenne  4. Ready to go on stage; she said "I do NOT want you to go on stage with me, you stand and take pictures because THIS IS MY SHOW!" okay... diva.  5. Chyenne with her awards!

Overall the pageant went well. Chyenne was VERY anxious to get on stage but (mommy fail), she didn't know what to do on the x's on stage... so instead of showing her personality, she stood there with her hand on her lips, turned a little, smiled a little, and just looked nervous! LOL! She was darling.
She won Prettiest Dress and 1st Runner Up! YAY! Now, had she have known what to do on stage, I'm sure she would have taken the crown. ;) We're so proud of her. One day though, I WILL be watching her win something for a REAL sport. *sigh*

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  1. Yay Chyenne! Your kiddos are ADORABLE. And I really like Chyenne's dress.