Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spring Has Sprung!

It's no surprise that spring came so soon... heck we barely had a winter in GA. We have LOVED spring... despite the awful pollen, rain that produces giant crocodile tears from a certain little girl, and higher gas prices.

Yes, my sweet Chyenne has a fear of RAIN (and all that goes with... wet grass, puddles, storms, dark clouds, thunder, lightening, mud...). One beautiful spring day, we were sitting on the rocking chairs on the porch, just admiring the world when it began to rain (and by rain, I mean sprinkle). I thought it was a perfect time for Chyenne to play in it. On the wet side of the porch of course... she couldn't possibly have fun in puddles and wet grass. SIGH! So here she is, enjoying a bit of "rain".

She really had SO MUCH FUN!
 BUT Cohen?! Well he perfered to stay far away from the action and my camera. Little stinker.
 Chyenne had to run inside & get some rain gear! (She desperately needs a pair of rain boots and a rain coat...)
 But she had a blast none the less. 
 I hope... FOR MY OWN SELFISH SAKE... that playing in the "rain" helped ease her fear. Giant tears, wailing cries, and a little tremble is NOT how I want to see my girl every time it rains.

Our Spring has been so wonderful. We've enjoyed very high temps that made it perfect for a little {redneck, white trash} pool party on the back porch because of course our real inground pool wasn't prepared for such an early spring. :)
 My kids LOVE to splash.
 My little man's green eyes melt my heart!

Watch out Spring and Summer!

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