Monday, January 23, 2012


I know I've said it time and time before but I just cannot get past it. My two wonderful children amaze me every single day. I am utterly amazed at how BIG they are, how SMART they are, how KIND they are, how LOVING they are, how AMAZING they are. Literally, they are my world and I love cherishing every single moment with them. Especially the moments where I catch them realizing and learning the wonderful things their world has to offer.

Sometimes Cohen, age 2, gets lost in the shadow of his sister when it comes to brains. Holy goodness he is SO smart. I guess I spent so much time watching Chyenne learn at incredibly fast paces that I never really saw how much sweet Cohen was soaking in. He was slower to speak his mind, but NOW? WOW! He's nonstop and I love hearing the incredible things that he comes up with. Today alone, he counted to 17 without ANY help, signed 'silly' in ASL for the first time (on his own when I showed him a flash card for the first time), counted numerous objects, grouped toys into color groups (without any direction from me), compared and contrasted toys (again, without any direction) AND told daddy an entire imagined story! GOSH! He is just so AMAZING (for lack of better words). I can't get enough of him. I love him more than words can express.

Sweet Chyenne, 3.75 years old, is equally as amazing. She has been so mature and grown lately. It's definitely bittersweet. I can barely contain my emotions when I look at her. She's slimming out and getting taller... losing all of the bits of baby. :'( On Friday last week, she decided she was ready to have her ears pierced (she has chickened out THREE times previously). So I took her. She was incredible! She walked up to the lady, said "may I have my ears pierced please?" (what happened to the "can I may" just a year ago?), picked out some precious earrings all on her own, hoped into the chair (then back down and up onto my lap in the chair) and held still. She cried for a second but then she muttered "are they beautiful? May I please see a mirror?" whoa! GROWN lady here. EEP! She made me promise to not tell daddy because she wanted to surprise him. She was napping when daddy got off work, as soon as she woke up, she ran to him, and he noticed right away. He was so proud that she was such a big girl. Mommy is too. :)   Earrings are just a tiny hint of how BIG she is now. She has been doing awesome at sounding out words, it literally melts my heart to hear her read! Last week she had a dr's appointment (stupid UTI) and the sign said "Reach Out And Read"... Chyenne looked at it, slowly pronounced the words "reach out and read". Amazing. She does well at reading small books without much help from mommy. Ending sounds are still a little tricky...but she's doing so amazing. I LOVE it. She is wise beyond her years, comes up with the most wonderful stories, jokes, etc. She can solve math problems, simple fractions, write her letters & numbers, count to 50 or more, rhyme, etc. She blows my mind every single day. I adore her more than words can describe.

Without further ado, a few pictures. :)

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