Sunday, February 9, 2014

Snow in Georgia

In usual Georgia-weather fashion, we were surprised with a snow storm a week ago... after many days of 50-60 degree weather.

We literally went from getting sweaty in regular hoodies and jeans to freezing our tails off in umpteen dozen layers of clothes in the snow.
Here in Georgia, we don't get accumulation of snow like we did last week. We just don't. We aren't prepared for it.
It was a regular Tuesday. The kids' school closed because of the predicted snow. Thank goodness. I went to work, as usual and Daddy was lucky enough to be able to stay home with the kids. I came home on my lunch break to have lunch with my favorites. It was starting to snow flurry. So beautiful. None of us expected it to stick. So, I took the kids to a local restaurant to have some lunch and we watched the snow fall and stick in a matter of minutes. We wrapped up our lunch rather quickly as we could see traffic starting to thicken as the snow thickened on everything.

Here are Chyenne and Cohen walking out of the restaurant, as you can see, small snow flakes were falling quickly and the ground was getting white.

We had to go the back way home after noticing that our 2-wheel drive car wasn't doing too well in the snow/ice-covered roads.

It took us nearly 20 minutes to get home, after navigating around a lot of traffic and sliding on the ice. It only took us 4 minutes to get to the restaurant on the dry roads.

Here was our road... less than an hour after the snow had begun to fall.

Here was our yard when we arrived back home. The same field that Cohen was picture running with his soccer ball just days earlier. WOW.
When I say we aren't prepared for it, I mean it! We don't own snow boots or snow clothes. We don't have snow plows or anything like that.
Needless to say, much of Georgia shut down for the snow. We were fortunate that we all made it home safely. The roads were terrible and countless people were left stranded on the interstates. Many children were stranded on buses or still at school--for those schools that did not close due to the chance of snow. Here in GA, our chance of snow means flurries that you hope and pray build up enough to make ONE snowball.
 Well, we got so much more.
Hubby got called in to help people who were stranded in the winter storm with the military... so the kids and I just played and played. When we were too cold to play any more, we came in to warm up by the fire, eat something warm, change our clothes and head back out again.
(BTW, I am STILL trying to catch up on laundry. When we don't have proper snow clothes, we layer... fifteen layers were good.)

They both kept shouting "this is the BEST day ever!!!"

I agreed. It was funny to see how much  Chyenne loved the snow and how much Cohen liked the idea of snow better than the realization of the cold. He is a true Southern boy.

I am certain Chyenne would do just well moving up North. ;)

There is just something purely magical about seeing everything covered in snow. It was gorgeous. The sky was beckoning us to stay outside and enjoy the wonder of God's creation. So, we did!
We even called friends, our cousins, over to come and play in the snow. Thank goodness for four wheel drive, four wheelers, and RZRs. :)

We navigated the snow redneck style pulling the kids around on a lid from an old turtle sandbox. The kids made countless snow angels, attempted several snowmen (even though the snow was too powdery to form a good snowman), threw tons of snowballs, etc.

We even made a trip to the store on the RZR to get more gas for the fun and extra snacks for everyone.
I love snow!!! There is absolutely nothing more beautiful than being snowed in with the ones you love. I know a lot of people were going stir crazy, but I loved it. Georgia, you can send us snow any time!
Although I am sure those who were stranded for DAYS in their cold cars probably do not feel the same.


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