Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Fairy Tale Ball with her Prince Charming

Last Friday, the kids' elementary school hosted it's second annual Fairy Tale Ball.
While this school dance is trying to get away from the traditional daddy-daughter dates and bring more family togetherness, Chyenne specifically requested that only Daddy take her. This was, after Cohen decided to go to a friend's birthday party the same night rather than attend the royal ball.
She was quite specific in her requests too. That's something Chyenne is always good at--being controlling, in the sweetest possible way. She insisted that Daddy wear his "Prince Charming  Outfit" that he wears to military balls. A ball is a ball, after all. So, even though he knew he would be entirely overdressed, he welcomed her request.

I seriously cannot get enough of daddy-daughter loving. It melts my heart.

I also can't believe how grown up she is this year.

Last year, Chy was in pre-k and Cohen wasn't in school. We attended the first annual Fairy Tale Ball at their school as a family. It was super adorable last year, see?

It is amazing to see the growth in one small year. WOW. Pictured above is Chyenne, her cousin Kadence, and Cohen at last year's Fairy Tale Ball.  
Chyenne said that she wishes she could dress like a princess every day.

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