Wednesday, August 29, 2012

He's 3! Cohen's Shark Birthday Party

We celebrated Cohen turning THREE with a shark-themed pool party at our house.  Despite our unfinished basement by the pool, I think the party set up was pretty cute. Cohen loved it.
We even dyed the pool RED for a shark attack. It was SO fun to see all of the kids' (and parents) reactions.

There were loads of kids enjoying the party. :)
I painted a shark (idea courtesy of pinterest) photo op that turned out super cute... even cuter if daddy would have zoomed in while taking mine and Cohen's picture to hide the unfinished basement mess. ;)

Overall Cohen had an awesome birthday. He didn't care to eat the cake that I baked and decorated for him but he LOVED the chocolate lollipops and cake decorations that I made.

He was such a sweet boy while we sang Happy Birthday to him.

So far though, his favorite part about being THREE is finally being able to play soccer on a team. Gosh he's waited for SO long.
Little man got a ton of awesome BOY presents...but his favorite had to be his real BB gun from his Pops. He squealed (in a very manly boy voice) with delight "A REAL GUN! FOR ME?!!!" Pure joy for this little boy.
I cannot believe that my sweet little man is already three years old. He has definitely grown up far too fast for my liking, but boy he is SO much fun these days. He has the best sense of humor and still LOVES to cuddle and snuggle with his mama. He's also mighty tough and all boy. I don't know what I would do without my little Cohen. Happy Birthday Little Man. Mommy loves you more than words can express.


  1. Happy birthday, Cohen!!! What a great party, Heather:)

  2. That red pool would probably freak out several people on some occasions, but this is definitely cool! He’s turning 5 this month, and I’d like to greet him an advance happy birthday! Are you planning another pool party for him? I hope it will be as awesome as this one. Thanks for sharing!

    Lindsay Wood @ Pool Shop WA