Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I have never been one much for routines. I'm a firm believer that children naturally develop their own routines.

Since I started teaching preschool and the kids have started going to preschool, we have stuck to a pretty tight schedule. I sure miss staying up late and waking whenever I wish.

For now, our schedule is as follows:
I wake up at 6:15am, shower, get ready, prepare breakfast, and finalize lesson plans.
Between 7:20-7:30am I wake the kids. Oy! Cohen is a morning person, just like his daddy. Chyenne? Well she takes after me and doesn't fully open her eyes until I put her in the car. LOL!
They eat breakfast, use the potty, I help them get dressed, do hair, brush teeth, and load them in the car by 8:10am.

On Mondays, we're at school from 8:30-12:30. We eat lunch immediately after school.
On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, we're at school from 8:30-1:30pm and we eat lunch at school.
On Thursdays, we have music class, so we're at school from 8:30-1:00pm. We eat lunch after school.
On Fridays, the kids stay with my mom or sister, as it's only the 4/5 year olds. I get to leave school around 12:30.

The kids nap some days...Cohen more than Chyenne. I could use a nap every day.

Dinner is served between 6pm-7pm depending on schedules, (i.e, Chyenne has soccer games at 6 on Mondays, so we eat a snack before and dinner immediately following).
They get a bath EVERY single night. I bathe them immediately after dinner. They get in pajamas, read stories, snuggle, and get in bed no later than 8:30pm. I prefer to put them to bed at 8:00pm so I have time to clean the kitchen, get ready, and be at the gym by 9:00pm.

Saturdays and Sundays haven't been regular for us--yet! We've had so much going on lately with the military. I hope to get in a better weekend routine real soon. Hopefully getting back in the groove for church every Sunday and FAMILY DAY every Saturday.

I'm exhausted, but this schedule seems to be working with the kids.

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