Friday, October 21, 2011

family and fall

My girl is obsessed with hats, unfortunately most of her hats do not fit this year--so we must buy more! :)
 In between school, work, more school, more work, etc, we have a little time for family fun. Here we were leaving the movies. Cohen is SUCH a daddy's boy. When daddy's around, he claims him immediately. Chyenne is perfectly content with the extra cuddles from mommy. She is so sensitive that daddy has to be careful with his voice tones around her. She had a twenty-seven (yes I timed it) meltdown the other morning because she refused to give daddy night kisses and he said "oh that's fine, I gave all of my kisses to mommy and Cohen anyway!" She's still daddy's number one girl.
 But overall, she is a mommy's girl! She is so much like me, minus the whole girly-girl, diva thing. She is opioniated, passionate, hilarious, caring, sarcastic, omniscient (or so she thinks), witty, and highly competitive.
 Cohen adores pumpkins. We have bought him SIX mini pumpkins (on seperate occasions) thus far. He has always adored the color orange since he was a little baby. So I'm betting that has something to do with it. :)
 He's such a ham. He refuses to take good pictures for me anymore. SIGH!
 Here are the proofs from Chyenne and Cohen's first school pictures. The quality is not that great, but we had to order them (the one on the left).
 SEE?! He tries to humor me but he just looks like a goofy old man when I take out my camera or phone for a picture of him.
 WE have been working on our marriage. I gripe less, he respects me more. Win, win? YES!
 My piggy princess with Miss Piggy. She could not be any happier--unless maybe she saw a REAL Miss Piggy.

Cohen dotes on daddy ALL day long. I guess it's because daddy lets him get away with anything and everything. Colt told me the other night "I am so glad I didn't deploy this time, all of these extra hugs and kisses from Cohen is so worth the headache of my new job!" -We're so glad too! :)

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