Sunday, September 18, 2011

He's HOME to stay--for now!

Several months ago hubby applied for a STATE-SIDE position with the Army. He didn't think he got the job because they sent him away for training for his Kosovo deployment... well halfway into his train-up he called and said "can you pick me up if I get a ride close to home?" umm YES!
He got the new JOB and he won't be DEPLOYING now... or in the next THREE YEARS! We are SO excited!!!

Chyenne is still a little to apprehensive about all of it to be happy that Daddy is home. We've told her that he doesn't have to go away with the Army for a long time again but she doesn't believe it. She's far too smart for her own good. She said she "hates afghanistan-ddd!" and I'm sure she would say that she "hates Kosovo" if he went there too.

Cohen is just happy to have daddy back. He follows daddy everywhere.

Hubby is especially excited that he won't get to miss any of Chyenne and Cohen growing up--for now.

I'm excited and anxious to live like REAL PEOPLE. A normal life without seperations. ah!

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