Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ginormous Picture Post!

 Cohen getting sweet kisses from mommy!
 Cousins... blood build best friends!
 Chyenne, Cohen and Kadence (hiding in a fort from a bear!)
 Cohen playing the guitar like Uncle Jones
Everyday excitement to go swimming!
My snoozing boy!

I absolutely adore how he has to sleep with "Monk Monk" every night... it was MY favorite stuffed animal when I was a kid! :)

The messiest eater--EVER!

She's a princess. In her words: "daddy, I'm a princess and you're gonna start treating me like one!" -full on attitude!

Making an X with her arms. She LOVES to make letters/numbers/shapes with body parts!

Me and my awesome husband!

 My Mermaid
 Short and sweet!
 His expressions crack me up! He is ALWAYS making goofy faces!
 Food mustache!
 He likes to sneak into Chyenne's bed and snuggle for the night... she usually enjoys it too!

Nothing more redneck than a toddler swinging barefoot without britches!
 My sexy, hardworking husband!
 She's perfect!
 It's true.
 So cheesy! Goodness I love his smile, it literally melts my heart!
 and his sad face! AHHH! I adore this look!
 Sibling love.
 Mommy and Chyenne--she's definitely starting to look a little more like me as she gets older.
 Admiring her straight (blow-dried) hair in the mirror.
 He's been a daddy's boy lately and we all LOVE it! I must say, he looks good in Army gear! ;)
 Cohen gets looking good in Army gear from his daddy. :)
 See that truck? Cohen hasn't slept without it (in addition to monk monk) in over a week! It's an Army truck and he adores it.
 She's my country gal!
 He loves to wear his "boy boy boots". I must say, he looks adorable in cowboy boots!
 This is what I came home to the other day... three scratched up horses in my backyard. They got through the barbed wire on our property after crossing nearly 2 miles of fields to get there. We informed the owners and they sent ONE (horrible, mean, cruel) guy to get them... I assisted this mean jerk in walking these beauties home. 4 miles in 100+ degree weather on grass and gravel in flip flops was quite similar to torture. But at least these beautiful horses were safe back in their own field. Chyenne, Cohen, Nana, and I did get to pet the horses and feed them carrots before they left.
 Chyenne is quite the swimmer!
Blackmail for future girlfriends. :)

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