Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Breakfast Picnic

Chyenne, Cohen and I had a delightful late morning today. We saw an idea from Frugal Moms Blog (I don't have a link right now, sorry) of a BREAKFAST picnic. Perfect since it gets SO hot here in GA this time of year. I made cinnamon rolls, boiled eggs, hot chocolate, and a cappuccino. YUM! We headed out the door to soak in the beauty of the front yard with our meal, blanket and several books in hand. It was SO relaxing. I may have to make a habit of morning picnics more often! We didn't even get dressed or do our hair. :) Perfect! Note for next time: it's still smoldering hot at 10am in GA, wear summer time pajamas and skip the slippers. All three of us were hot sweaty messes by the time we finished our breakfast and stories.

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