Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Life has been full of changes lately.

Colt, my husband, is leaving for Kosovo any day now. Whew, I'm not sure we're ready for another LONG YEAR away from him.

School started back for me and I have a full schedule. That is enough to drive anyone insane. :)

I also got a new job! I am now a K-4 teacher for a semi-local Christian preschool. So far, I LOVE it! It's been 2.5 weeks and I my students have already made great strides. My kiddos get to go to school there for free too! :) AWESOMENESS!

Chyenne started soccer and I am coaching her tot shot team. She likes it so far. Cohen is SO jealous, he REALLY wants to play. Next year little buddy.

Cohen is a whirl-wind. He's constantly talking, moving, touching, messing, breaking, loving, giving, pushing, hugging, kissing, etc. He is simply amazing.

Chyenne is growing up so fast. She's SO smart and SO considerate (most of the time). She is a complete girly-girl still, and such a diva. She works hard to be good at everything she does. I am one proud mama! Just over a week ago, she entered her first PAGEANT! Now don't get all crazy and think "whoa, this broad puts her girl in makeup, spray tans and $1000 dresses!" That is most definitely NOT the case. She was in an all natural pageant with a $35 (well I couponed to get it that low) dress, in her naturally pale skin, and beautiful natural glow. She was amazing. I will blog next about how well she did. Needless to say, we have a pageant queen on our hands. :)

We have been renovating our house and it's driving me absolutely crazy. I LOVE what we're doing with the place... I just hate the mess and choas it causes. I will definitely be able to breathe easier once it's all completed.

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