Sunday, June 12, 2011

VBS 2011

This past week we had Vacation Bible School at our old church. This is the 3rd year in a row that Chyenne participated. Cohen's first year. They both had a blast. The theme was "Son Surf/Beachy". So fun. Our age group (pre-k and kinder) was called the Silly Seals. Quite fitting for our little bunch. Chyenne especially enjoyed the company of her best "boyfriend" Levi. Mr Levi is 2 days younger than Chyenne and they have been friends since they were 5 months old.
A flash back to Chyenne and Levi's first playdate:

and now pics from VBS.
Mr Levi and Chyenne playing with their decorated beach balls.

Chyenne, Levi, and Cohen dancing after story time (yeah, we still love Levi, even if he IS a Bama fan)
 Me and the Silly Seals... All dressed for the beach. :)
 My little guy
 A typical Chyenne look
 Having SO much fun dancing and playing after story time.
 Making food crafts.
Overall, VBS was a success. The first day, Chyenne was the first one to answer EVERY question after story time. Questions asked: "Who is Jesus?" -God's son. "Who is God's son?" -Jesus. "Who told the sheppards of Jesus?" -the angels. "Where was 12 year old Jesus when his mother, Mary, couldn't find him?" -at God's house. Church is his father's house. *heart melting*
We learned several lessons about Jesus this past week. "How do we know that you can trust Jesus?" -because he never tells lies and he always tells the truth. Chyenne is excited to spread the word of Jesus. :) Cohen can successful say "Jesus", "Amen", and "Thank You Jesus!" aww!

Their favorite part of VBS was definitely the music. Chyenne's new favorite song is "Jump, Shout, Give a High Five...". She sings every word and dances. ADORABLE.
They also thoroughly enjoyed crafts. This past week they decorated beach balls, made message bottles with colored sand, made and decoratde a wall hanging with the infamous 'Footprints' poem, made an ocean scene on a water bottle, made and decorated a star fish wind chime, made and decorated a fish on a fishing pole, colored a few sheets of paper, and made cards for a few members of the church who are sick.

They also played tons of games, learned a ton of songs and dances, and listened to many lessons. Great fun.

Here's a pic that I just adore from Chyenne and Levi's first VBS. Aren't they adorable?!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

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